Saturday, August 11, 2012

Education and Creativity

Every cause has its characteristics reflected in its effect.

Today’s education system swallowing clean ,unwritten ,free thinking capabilities of children at the age of five and only allow to let them out at around their midlife or even in some cases more later.

During all these years they are been taught in a certain way to understand life and world. They been train to follow the process and rules so robotically and memorize them all; which will not allow them to think in an alternative fashion and finally makes them dead obedient.  By the time they get old they forget to try out mistakes and become afraid of being wrong.

We do all this to make them ready for the next unpredictable future which cannot be defined and controlled, what an irony is this?

Children’s have a great capabilities of innovation and potential to think out of the way as they don’t know the proper followed way which  might leads them to explore their unreleased potential of creativity.

The whole education system is based on academic ability how much you can remember i.e., swallow in before the exam and spit it out in exams. We get marks in exams only for the right model answers which are predefined.. so where is the scope for thinking and creating something new ?

This is followed everywhere and ultimately this becomes our habit and the nature of walking between the signs.

In the next 30 years, according to UNESCO, more people worldwide will be graduating from education than since the beginning of history. It’s the combination of technology and its transformative effect on work, and demography and the huge explosion of population.

There was a time when you used to get job as you pass the HSC but now a day’s not even graduation is fulfilling the criteria. You need to have a post graduation to get job and soon god forbid it will be doctorate. Rise in population and mushrooming of education institutes in every corner of road supplying lakhs of graduates and post graduates every year while at same time world is becoming more robotic hence creating an imbalance in demand and supply and when too many things chase too little things inflation is bound to happen.

We are processed by education not to fail while successful people who are college dropout or some of them who never went to college treat their failure as a first step towards creating something valuable.

Sir Branson left school when he was only 16. Ironically, his first successful business was publishing a magazine called Student. Today, Branson is known for his brand Virgin, which includes Virgin Records, Virgin Atlantic Airways, and over 300 other companies. Also adding to his grandeur, Sir Branson bought his own 79-acre Caribbean island when he was just 24.

Steve Jobs who dropped out of college after just one semester created a world known leading innovating company Apple.

Bill Gates has topped the Forbes list of “The World’s Richest People” continually since 1995. Gates took an interest in programming while attending preparatory school in Seattle. To earn time on early shared computers, Gates and his classmates offered to debug corporate software. When he was 14, Gates earned $20,000 from his first programming venture. After scoring a near-perfect 1590 on his SATs, Gates enrolled at Harvard but left, without a degree, to co-found “Micro-Soft”.

According to Gallup some 50% of employees are not engaged in their work today, costing around $300 billion in lost productivity, and so many are unfulfilled with their career paths. It’s a decoupling of their pursuits from their passions.  They never found their sweet spot, and ended up pursuing something that they were assured could pay the bills, rather than something they were truly passionate about.

There is a large potential lies in each one of us, just waiting to be discovered.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Conflict management and Indain Cricket Team

None of the Indian fans would have come across such rift happening between Indian team after reading about the strong public statements by captain cool and fearless Sehwag had given.

It’s very sad to see such a conflict between the senior players and new comers. Is this the outcome of dissatisfaction with the management style, disappointment of continues losing, poor communication, seeking leadership or something else?

Arising disagreements through media shows both have a different issues and views when it comes to selecting a team. This result in polarizing Indian cricket team and reducing cooperation.

If both of them try to get individual ego out of management style, communicate soundly, be honest about their concern and goals; golden days of Indian cricket team are not far.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Beware...You are Officially Happy !!!

After surveying 18000 people from 24 different nations Ipos Global, France based research firm had confirmed that Indians are the most happiest human beings living on mother earth.

Despite of living in a nation where every day new scams like Aadarsh Society; 2G spectrum; commonwealth games scam are breakfast news. High inflation rates poor education system, corrupt irresponsible selfish politicians, poor infrastructure, high level of debts, balance of deterioration, poverty, budget deficit, are becomes part of our life.

The TI India study estimates the monetary value of petty corruption in 11 basic services provided by the government, like education, healthcare, judiciary, police, etc., to be around Rs.21,068 cores. 89 percent of rural households do not own telephones; 52 percent do not have any domestic power connection. There are daily power cuts even in the nation’s capital. The average brownout in India is three hours per day during non-monsoon months, 17 hours daily during the monsoon. The average village is 2 kilometers away from an all-weather road, and 20 percent of rural habitations have partial or no access to a safe drinking-water supply.  

India does have problem like any developing country but still…. India has third largest active troops in the world after China and USA.India is largest economy by GDP after US, Euro zone, China and Japan. India on number three on the number of doctors, scientists and engineers. India is 6th world nuclear power of the world, after signing the Nuclear deal last year. India have world class institutes like IIT, IIS, IIM, AIIMS, XIM, etc.

If we try to measure happiness in material things it never be complete…sacrifice and peace brings mental and inner long lasting happiness which turns into satisfaction says Gita. If you measure your happiness by spiritual development rather than acquired wealth – you are most likely to reach internal harmony and a feeling of absolute completeness, which will lead you to happiness and felicity.